Monday, November 8, 2010

To Spin or not to Spin

I want to learn to spin. I really do except it's going to cost a bare minimum of twenty bucks to learn how. And what if I hate it? That's twenty bucks I could have spent on yarn!
I have done some research into it and thought I'd start with a spindle because A, I know where to buy one and B, they're not terribly expensive, around $10-$15 usually. Spinning wheels cost a couple hundred or more and I've no idea where to get one anyway.
Roving isn't hard to get either, I know lots places to get it - Knitpicks is the cheapest but that's for the bare yarn. I do know a few people on Ravelry who sell roving though.
Still, going to cost some money. Is it worth it or not?

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Anonymous said...

i say it's worth it becuz if you never try you'll never know. what's $20 if you satisfy a curiosity?