Monday, July 26, 2010

I have Pictures!!

I'm always talking about what I'm knitting (at least, when I blog) but i rarely have pics. This is rather annoying because when I read knitting blogs I love seeing the pictures of the projects and the WIPs. But I finally got some photos off the camera for your viewing pleasure!
This one is of Addison's sweater. Addison is my friend Megan's little girl who was born in April. She doesn't quite fit in the sweater yet but maybe by winter (in Florida? What was I, insane to make a Floridian baby a sweater???). It's made of Joann Sensation Rainbow Boucle which I've had forever, just waiting for the perfect project. Which reminds me, I promised Miss Addison a matching headband....

And here's another of the pretty sweater:
Rather then attempting to match the stripes in the yarn, they're wide fading stripes and hard to match, I just used the same yarn in a plain white for the sleeves. The pattern was the Five Hour Baby Sweater - a misleading title, took me dang near a month! Then again, I was working with a boucle, not exactly the easiest yarn to work with. I do so love the look of boucle though!
On another note, I have joined a most awesome group on Ravelry (okay, actually more then one, I'm sadiekate over there if any of you are there!). This one is called the Odd Ducks Swap and I just was in one for the show Firefly. Way awesome swap let me tell you! I cannot wait to do another. Oh, wait, I don't have to, already signed up for the pirate swap!!
Anyway, here is some of the stuff that came in my box:
"Kaylee" striped sock yarn!! I'm rather excited by this as Kaylee is one of my favorite characters and I've really wanted to try striped yarn. The full quote on the bag is "No Power in the Verse can Stop Me" but you try getting all the sides of a round object in one picture! The blue yarn has been used to make "Hands of Blue" fingerless gloves with a pattern I invented for it. Maybe I'll get it up here one of these days.
The stick is actually a little photoball on a stick to represent River's ice planet on a stick. How clever!
And inside those mysterious boxes:

Inside my "compression coil" I found 10 little magnets, a small crochet hook for picking up stitches, a pin and a Dr. Pepper lip balm! Each little round magnet is for one of the characters and the bigger pin - the big round glare sorry! - reads "you can never have too many socks" So true!
Aren't those strawberries cute? They're filled with lavender and smell so nice :)
The bag had two nail polishes in it - a deep purple and a green. I just love deep colors and green is totally awesome - I have green toenails at the moment LOL
Thanks Dawn for the great box!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Upcoming Review!

Recently I was asked if I'd like to do another CSN review. Of course, I said yes :) Reviews are a lot of fun for me to do and it generates buzz about an awesome store. Actually, CSN is more then just ONE store, it's over 400!! You can get just about anything under the sun at! The latest hot item is wall sconces - just see what they offer:
For example, the Tofino One Light Wall Sconce is awesomely cool looking!
Wouldn't that look great in an entryway with marble flooring? Maybe get an Italian look going there!
And just look at this one - isn't it elegant?

It's called Alexander I Three Light Wall Sconce in Bronze and Gold. That would be so pretty to have one or two of them in your dining room!
This one is neato looking, really modern! It's called the Tate Wall Sconce and would be suitable for a lot of different rooms in your house, such as the bedroom, living areas, and maybe even the bathroom!

You like these? Well, head on over to and pick out some for yourself!!