Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I want to knit socks. Who knows why, since I never actually finish a pair LOL I started a pair for myself six months ago, finished one sock and the other is about 1 inch long. Part of it is that I hate ribbing, especially in the round. And quite possibly the other problem with socks is that they take a while, with tiny needles (I have KnitPicks Harmony in size 2, love'em when I actually bother to use them) and thin yarn.
Most of the time, I like thicker needles, my faves are 15s, and chunky yarn. I like to make hats :) Altho, at the moment, I'm working on a shawl with size 11s and heavy worsted yarn. Also a baby sweater on 9s.
BUT I WANT TO MAKE SOCKS! The hardest part at the moment is that A, I only have 2s, and B, the sock yarn I have, I won it :) Then I found out that Numma Numma yarn is kinda expensive so I want to use it for a special pattern. This is easier said then done.
However, most of the time I don't really use patterns. I like to use them as suggestions, then go off and do my own thing. Add a new stitch here, make that shorter/longer, omit this or that, etc. This would be why I've ended up with quite a few UFOs in my box! That and I really don't have the patience to finish them.
So, I never finish socks because I've already done one, I hate having to do the same thing all over again. I'd like to learn how to do two at a time but I don't have the needles for it. Apparently, it is possible to knit one inside the other on DPNs but it looks really complicated soo, until I've got some money for new needles, it's gonna be one at a time on DPNs. Maybe I'll learn toe up....
Any suggestions for a sock pattern? The yarn is a bright kettle dyed lime green!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Vogue Stitchionary

I really want one of the Vogue Stitchionaries but they're kinda expensive and I don't have the money for it. So when I discovered some of the stitches were online at the Vogue knitting site, I was thrilled! HERE is the link!
I cannot wait to try out the evergreen lace on the shawl I am designing. The yarn is a vintage wool, a dark green, and I'm using copper colored beads. It reminds me of a Christmas tree so I really wanted to try to find some kind of tree or leaf based lace for the lace panel. Not as easy as it sounds nor does it seem possible to find one that looks like it'll work for heavy worsted yarn. Most lace stitches are meant for lace or fingering weight and just don't look right in heavier yarns. However, I'm not too fond of lighter weight yarns so many of my projects are done in heavy yarns, like the shawl I'm working on :) Well, that, and the yarn is just so pretty!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fave Blogs

I thought I'd share some of my favorite knitting/craft blogs with y'all!

1. Alaskan Purl This chronicles knitting adventures in the 49th state! She has many awesome patterns, some for free. She's also done a contest or two for those who like giveaways (and who doesn't???)

2. Chicken Stitches Funny name, really great blog. Henya has patterns, projects, and also talks about her life as an Orthodox Jew in Brooklyn. She is originally from Russia and also has stories about that as well. Recently Henya set up an etsy shop with stitch markers and they are really beautiful!

3. Dropped Stitches Erin is a a Gardener, Domestic Goddess, Former Pediatrician, Mother, and Wife and also has a great blog! Right now she's running a giveaway for recycled yarn, which she sells in her etsy shop.

4. The Yarn Girls Blog This is not often updated but it is the official blog for the designers Julie and Jordana AKA the Yarn Girls. I love their books!

5. Yarn on the House This is a very new blog but is a wonderful one! Every week Veronika gives away yarn and/or a pattern! This week's giveaway has SIX winners who will win the Cedar Leaf Shawlette from the Never Not Knitting blog. Along with the pattern, they'll also win Alana's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe and ONE lucky winner will receive HandMaiden Lady Godiva yarn in the Cedar colorway. What awesome prizes!

Do y'all have any good knitting/craft blogs?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sweaters and Shawls

I have been very busy knitting! First off, I'm working on a baby sweater for a friend of mine. It's knit out of Joann Sensations Rainbow Boucle, which is a very cool yarn. The colorway I'm using goes from dark pink, pale pink, white, pale pink, dark pink. It's the perfect yarn for a little girl!
The pattern is one of the five hour baby sweater pattern. It ain't takin' five hours let me tell you! I've been at it a couple weeks now. But it is nearly done and that is a good thing since Addison is to be born in about three weeks.
Then, I've begun a Travelling Woman shawl. Someone in the RAK group was generous enough to send me two skeins of KnitPicks Palette, enough to begin the project. It's a pretty dark pink color called Lipstick.
It is an awesome lace pattern, the first real lace I've done. Everyone on Ravelry tells me it is a good pattern for a beginner lace knitter and so far they are right! You can find the pattern HERE if you are interested.
And then, I am in several lace and shawl groups on Ravelry right now (guess you can tell what I'm into at the moment LOL) and someone shared a new shawl pattern she had written for her handspun. Now, I don't spin yet, but I do have four skeins of vintage wool that are going to work out great for that pattern!
One of my favorite designers is feministy, who designed the Travelling Woman shawl. She's also got some really cool sock patterns and other shawlpatterns up on her site as well as an etsy shop.
Anyone else been knitting like crazy?

Sunday, April 4, 2010


This is my review of Recently, I was asked if I could do a review for them and I said yes :) I chose to review which is a great place to get just about anything you'd need for your home. They have bedroom sets, kitchen items, office supplies and more! For my review I decided to receive Sin In Linen Dreamy Linens Collection Zebra Pink Sheet Set in size twin.
They arrived in just a few short days and came by FedEx, always nice to have a package truck pull up in front of the house!
These sheets are very nice. They were crisp yet soft when I pulled them out of their packaging. The colors are bright and cheerful. Don't let yourself be fooled by the muted shades on the site, they are a much brighter pink then it seems! They have not faded in the slightest, even though they've been washed a couple times.
I did find however, that the sheets was a bit big for my bed as was the pillowcase. I washed them and they seem to have shrunk just little bit but they fit better now.
The sheet set comes with flat sheet, fitted sheet and one standard pillow case (two if you order Full or Queen, King comes with two king size pillow cases). You have a choice of Black/White or Pink/White, depending on the rest of your decor. It is 100% cotton; 200-thread count which makes for a good nite sleep :). And if you have a newer deeper bed they fit mattresses up to 15" deep (this would be why they didn't fit my bed at first, I have an older style twin). Best of all? Bedding is machine wash, tumble dry! I always make sure of that myself - who wants to handwash bedding??
The sheet set I received is 35.00 right now, 30 % off! What a bargain! You want a set too? Just go HERE and choose your size!

I was not paid in anyway for this opinion, it is my own. I did receive one sheet set for review.