Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Doll Clothes

wow, the giveaway certainly is getting a lot of entries! it's at 127 as i type this! thank you everybody, and remember you have til the 31st at midnite to enter. i'll probably email the winner sunday.
well, my sister hannah's birthday is next week. she'll be EIGHT, i can't believe it! she is a tomboy but loves her stuffed animals and baby dolls, all of which are boys. i had thought of knitting her up some doll clothes for her birthday but have you ever tried to find a knitting pattern for a boy baby doll outfit??? it isn't easy, let me tell you! i have found a few though for those who are interested.
1. Cabbage Patch Raglan Sweater this is a very nice sweater meant for cabbage patch kids but could be made for any doll, just check your gauge and maybe use different needles and heavier or lighter yarn depending on what size you want.

2. 11" Baby Doll Onesie this is really cute altho i don't crochet very well, i do good to make a straight square! but maybe you crochet and could make this for a little girl in your life.

3. Knit/Doll Clothes okay, this one really doesn't have any boy doll clothes but i LOVE these patterns. they're all for american girl dolls or barbies and so so pretty.

well, i guess that is all for now! maybe i can find some more patterns if anyone is interested? let me know if you have any nice baby doll clothes patterns!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

100 pure wool Review and Giveaway!

I have a review and giveaway for any yarn lovers out there! 100 pure wool is an awesome company and an awesome yarn! Okay, I may be a bit biased as I'd never worked with wool before but I truly did love this yarn. The colors are great, very vibrant, and it works up beautifully. I had also never worked with hand dyed yarn before and had heard some horror stories but while it does pool a bit, I personally loved how it looked :) It also probably depends on your pattern and what you're making.

I was given two worsted weight skeins for review. One was called Tropical and the other Poison. The Tropical (second picture) was red and two shades of orange, and the Poison was bright pink and purple. I myself made 2 things. I made a pillow for my grandfather (I make one every year at Christmas for him) out of the Tropical colorway and hat from the Poison colorway that was meant for myself but it ended up for my sister :)

Here is a short article on the company sent to me by Sandra who has been corresponding with me :

In Uruguay wool spinning is a frequent employment for many
of our rural women. It is a wonderful job, that requires a
lot of love and wisdom, and without doubt, anybody who has
tried a spinning wheel knows the pleasant effect it has in
the one who uses it...

Women who work in the field with wool have the blessing to
upbring their children without leaving their homes, make an
income to their family and transmitting a traditional
artisan knowledge of our country. Many children help in this
work, thus making a family work of this wonderful task, and
letting us enjoy this great work that is world wide
recognized as excellent.
My parents came from Europe, from a rural area from
Galicia. I remember when I was a child hearing stories about
that life, and I also had experience of that life with
animals breeded on my parents house at that time. I learned to love that animals, take care of them, and give them a
special place in my life.
Do you know how sheep are treated in Uruguay by our farm
workers? In our country animal harm is forbidden by law.
Sanitary welfare in the field are part of State regulations
that are strictly followed. Sheep live freely and eat
natural pastures, they are not kept in small places of
receive artificial alimentation, they live in the open with
fresh air and sun all day and are protected from the cold
during the night. Result is that your wool is one of the best
of the world and imported by Northamerican, European and
Asian markets.
That's why when you try our merino, at the very moment of
holding the thread in your fingers, remember all of this
chain of people working behind for this superb and beautiful
natural product, and also the healthy, free and respected
In this world of disposable materials and artificial
products, we are proud to bet for nature and love for
traditions. We hope to give you something more than wool to

Isn't that wonderful? I love getting things from companies like this!
Wouldn't you like to have 3 skeins of this yarn for yourself? All you have to do is leave a comment here with one of the yarns you might choose. Click HERE to go to the 100 pure wool site to look around! THIS CONTEST ENDS SATURDAY 10/31/2009 Winner will be chosen at random.
That is your 1st mandatory entry. After that there are several ways you can enter to win! You can do any or all of these.
1. Subscribe to this blog (I post about once a week)
2. Tweet about this contest. ( can be done once a day) You can use this if you'd like: Wool Yarn giveaway ends 10-31 http://bit.ly/1Domoj
3. Blog about this contest (be sure to leave the link! and you get 5 extra entries!)
4. Tell me your current knitting/crocheting or other craft project.

The giveaway will be 3 skeins of your choice, plus a discount of 5% during 6 months in buys for every one that have participated and mention this blog when making the order.
Open Internationally
PLEASE add your Email Address please so I can contact you when you win.

I was not monetarily paid for this review, I was given three skeins for review.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things I have learned

I have learned a couple things about myself as a knitter recently.
Number one, I may love fancy yarn i.e fun fur but I rarely actually use it. It just sits in a box. The plain stuff that's two dollars at WalMart gets used all the time but the fun yarn never does. This is unfortunate because I have a lot of fun yarn that I LOVE but can never find the right project for.
Which brings us to number two. Number two is that I hate patterns. Well, no not exactly hate. I like the ones that give me the basics like how many stitches to cast on for a sock. I don't like to be told how to make something. If I want to use a different stitch pattern then I will. If I don't like a color then I'll use a different one. I like basic patterns I can change into one of my own. Like for the past couple years I've been making hats to sell. Usually I use the same pattern and whatever colors I want. Sometimes I take specific orders. I HATE those orders! It means I have to do the project exactly how someone else TELLS me to. I don't like being told how to make something, when to make it and how. If you like orders, then make it yourself!
There, done with my rant. Oh, for all two followers I have (and thank you very much for following :) ) I will be having a yarn giveaway hopefully starting Saturday. This is being sponsered by 100 pure wool! Awesome company!!