Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things I have learned

I have learned a couple things about myself as a knitter recently.
Number one, I may love fancy yarn i.e fun fur but I rarely actually use it. It just sits in a box. The plain stuff that's two dollars at WalMart gets used all the time but the fun yarn never does. This is unfortunate because I have a lot of fun yarn that I LOVE but can never find the right project for.
Which brings us to number two. Number two is that I hate patterns. Well, no not exactly hate. I like the ones that give me the basics like how many stitches to cast on for a sock. I don't like to be told how to make something. If I want to use a different stitch pattern then I will. If I don't like a color then I'll use a different one. I like basic patterns I can change into one of my own. Like for the past couple years I've been making hats to sell. Usually I use the same pattern and whatever colors I want. Sometimes I take specific orders. I HATE those orders! It means I have to do the project exactly how someone else TELLS me to. I don't like being told how to make something, when to make it and how. If you like orders, then make it yourself!
There, done with my rant. Oh, for all two followers I have (and thank you very much for following :) ) I will be having a yarn giveaway hopefully starting Saturday. This is being sponsered by 100 pure wool! Awesome company!!


Rebecca said...

Fun fur yarn is excellent for hedgehogs. There is nothing better! Make yourself a lovely array of hedgehogs (that is the correct name for a group of hedgehogs by the way...I googled it!).


*Mirage* said...

I don't knit- I crochet. But I totally hear you on the not liking to do comissions or follow patterns. I think of it as an art and following a pattern or verbal instructions is like paint-by-numbers. It takes the "art" part right out of it for me. I always find myself deviating from the pattern I'm using and often I wind up with a finished product that is not even the same item as the pattern, I just tried and frogged and retried chosing different stitches or yarns or hooks until I have something I like a million times better that whatever it was in the pattern. I basically use patterns to inspire me but if I let them limit me then it sucks the fun right out of the project. That's why I don't like doing blankets. The same set of stitches over and over again drives me wacky. It's been suggested I do a sampler square afghan kind of thing instead but that's worse! Lol! All those tails to hide! *shudders* There is nothing in yarndom I hate more than weaving in the ends. I guess you could say I have yarn ADD.