Friday, September 25, 2009

Earring Giveaway

I have found a really great giveaway! Julia's Journal is giving away a pair of custom made earrings, made just for you! How awesome is that? Julia runs her own Etsy shop selling these beautiful earrings :) You want a chance at winning a pair? Click HERE

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun Purse Pattern

Size 17 needles (altho I've also done this with 15s)
1 Skein Red Heart Super Saver yarn, Black (or any color)
1 Skein Patons Cha Cha yarn,mine was white with multi color flecks (Any "furry" yarn will work, I've also used Fun Fur)
1 button
yarn needle
crochet hook - optional
fabric for lining- optional

gauge is not too important, it varies with the size needles and the yarn you use. Most bags will end up being about 8 inches long.


Holding both yarns as 1, cast on 12 stitches. Work in St st until Cha Cha yarn is about gone, with 12 inches or so left. Bind off.


Holding 2 strands of Super Saver together as 1, cast on 12 stitches. Work in garter stitch until back is as long as the front. Knit two more rows, then decrease 1 stitch at each end of the row until 5 sts remain. Make button hole in center. Continue decreasing until no more sts.

Sew or crochet together. Sew button onto front. For a strap you can either make an icord, I find that is stonger, or crochet a strap. The pink fur purse I have pictures of here has an icord strap.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Embroidered Cloth Journal Giveaway

I found a wonderful giveaway thru Amanda Dixon's blog - The Daily Planet. The Seven Sisters blog is giving away an embroidered cloth journal! This journal has a hand embroidered design that is appliqued to the front. The 120 unlined pages measure 4 5/8" wide by 7" tall. It is a very pretty journal, could be used for Bible study or taking notes or just jotting down ideas! Or you could give it as a gift, it would make a beautiful gift!
You have to hurry to enter though, it ends tomorrow nite (9/12)! To enter just click HERE

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Few Really Nice Free Patterns

Sunroom Easy Lace Edging - Knitted Pattern has both US and UK instructions, and is a beautiful lace!
Simple Beanie aka Lollipop Hat A very simple easy child's hat
Lace Wrist Covers very beautiful wrist covers! a great alternative to mittens if you want your fingers free!

well, that's 3 this week. i'll try to find some more for next week!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Log Cabin Afghan

this is my log cabin afghan. i used lion brand homespun, joann sensations chenille, mohair i found on clearance at michaels, and some glittery yarn my grandma sent me,and a lot of random acrylic stuff that i'm not sure what it was but it looked nice :)
i did not follow a set color pattern but my only "requirement" was that the same color couldn't touch the same color. it did end up with sort of a color pattern, with earth tones on one side, pinks and purples on another, black, white, and red on one, and the last side was pastels.also, my other requirement was that i wanted the border to be all the same so i bought two skeins of grey simply soft. i played on the side of safety - could've used just one! i think it turned out great! it is about 49 x 36, which is a bit smaller then i'd wanted but it is still a good size.
here is another, more close up picture:

you can almost see the beads in the chenille here. and the beige next to the blue is the glitter stripe.
and because this is my blog, i am going to put another picture on here :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Socks and Giveaways!

i realized i hadnt actually posted anything in a while so here i am :) i've been knitting socks! i've always wanted to do socks but never could figure out how to turn the heel but i finally found a pattern that made sense in a book called The Knitting Way. some of the book is kinda weird but it has some good patterns in it. i'll try to post some pix of my socks soon!
i also have a giveaway to post about. Audrey's Country Crafts is hosting a fabulous giveaway! The Sisty Ugly, which is an Etsy company that sells beautiful quilts, doll clothes, and other quilted/sewn things, is giving away a Dress/Apron Doll set, made to fit an 18 inch doll. The doll in the picture is actually a Kit doll from the American Girl collection. This would make a great Christmas present for any little girl!