Thursday, September 3, 2009

Log Cabin Afghan

this is my log cabin afghan. i used lion brand homespun, joann sensations chenille, mohair i found on clearance at michaels, and some glittery yarn my grandma sent me,and a lot of random acrylic stuff that i'm not sure what it was but it looked nice :)
i did not follow a set color pattern but my only "requirement" was that the same color couldn't touch the same color. it did end up with sort of a color pattern, with earth tones on one side, pinks and purples on another, black, white, and red on one, and the last side was pastels.also, my other requirement was that i wanted the border to be all the same so i bought two skeins of grey simply soft. i played on the side of safety - could've used just one! i think it turned out great! it is about 49 x 36, which is a bit smaller then i'd wanted but it is still a good size.
here is another, more close up picture:

you can almost see the beads in the chenille here. and the beige next to the blue is the glitter stripe.
and because this is my blog, i am going to put another picture on here :)

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ArtSnark said...

This is very cool - looks cozy too!