Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Testing, testing!

I am thinking of doing some test knitting. The only real problem with it is that I have a hard time following patterns. It isn't that I don't understand them or can't follow directions, it's more I'll start thinking, "hey, what if I did this instead, what would it look like?" Or "What about doing that stitch instead of this one?" and etc.
This could be problematic if I decide to do any. I've looked at a few things that people have asked to be test knitted and for the most part I haven't had the right yarn. Also, truthfully, if I'm going to put that much time and effort into something, I'd like to be able to keep it and some folks want the item. So, I can't keep it and I don't always get paid. That's not worth it to me, sorry.
For those who do pay, they generally want someone who can do fancy work or really fast work and I can do neither. Well, I can do fancy, I'm willing to learn, but it won't necessarily be done when they want it! I can also do fast when I really want to, like a few weeks back I challenged myself to finish an entire sock in a week and I did it. I was even sick at the time! However, I still haven't finished it's mate so maybe that learning 2 at a time thing is something I should SERIOUSLY look into!

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