Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mittens Part Two

I got interrupted during my last post so here is the other half:

6. Long knitted gloves with cables How elegant are these? Long nearly elbow length and cables - easy to make and super comfy,too!

7. Sideways Gloves These have a unique construction using short rows and garter stitch. An quick knit and one that is also easy to take along with you since it is small and fits easily into a project bag.

8. Elegant Arm Warmers These are fingerless but so pretty I just had to include them! They're based after a 1950s pattern and use cables.

9. Fun Fur Gloves Again, fingerless but I know I have quite a few balls of Fun Fur and similar yarns in my stash and I'm always looking for a way to use it. This would be an excellent way, maybe even make them longer so they're like evening gloves and give them as a present to a little girl for Christmas. Most little girls like dress up!

10. Woodsie Gloves The third fingerless mitts but I really like these because the cuff is so long over the fingers. Plus you can fold it over if you'd like. And they're "manly" enough you could make them for a guy too!

So, that ends my mittens series such as it was. What shall I do tomorrow?

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