Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sock Yarn

I bought some Stroll yarn from Knitpicks for my birthday in May. I really like it. The yarn I chose is from the Multi line - called Meadow. It's purple, green, and brown. It's really rather funny, one sock striped perfectly and the second one did not even though I got an entire sock and the leg of the second sock out of one skein. I have tiny feet :)
It was quite easy to work with. I was using Magic Loop and it was my first time using that particular method. Now I think I prefer it over DPNs but both are good to know. It did not split or untwist while I was knitting, which is a good thing! Some of the cheaper sock yarns will do that.
I've been wearing the socks since July or August and they have held up well enough. You can wash and dry the socks, which is why I chose this yarn, I don't want to handwash socks (but I do have an awesome merino/alpaca that a friend hand dyed for me with "Kaylee" colors that I can't wait to use!).
My only real problem with it is the yarn relaxes. My socks no longer fit exactly like they did when I first made them. I asked about this on Ravelry, since the socks had stretched and sometimes it is hard to wear with them with shoes, and apparently with Stroll you should make your socks a bit small to start with because the yarn stretches. Also, you should machine dry instead of letting them hang to dry like I was at first.
Really, for the money, you can't get better sock yarn! I really want to try their Stroll HandPainted, they just came out with some really beautiful and bright colorways that I'd love to have. Also, Gloss Sock sounds just wonderful - it is a merino/silk blend that I bet feels great on the feet. Imagination has some great colorways, that's a merino/alpaca blend that I've heard is like heaven. Haven't tried it for myself yet though. I really want to use the Felici yarn,too!
Stroll is a great yarn to use for all sorts of things, not just socks. Sweaters, shawls, hats, it's a good all purpose yarn :)

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