Thursday, November 4, 2010

New kitty!!

Today we got a new kitten! Her name is Amber and she seems to be around 4 months old. Her previous owner was going to take her to the pound :( Well, we just can't have that can we?? So she came home to us. Surprisingly, she is doing well enough against the onslaught of five little kids. I believe she is hiding under the couch now LOL Our other two cats spend all day under a bed or the couch and come out after bedtime - Amber will learn soon enough to do the same.
Amber is a black and brown tiger with a long tail, quite different then our other kitten Bridget who is black, brown, and white calico and a bob tail! They are about the same age tho. It will be interesting to see how they grow up together.
Our older cat, ha, she is is really only about eight months old, is Rainbow and it's fun to watch her with Bridget - she hasn't really interacted much with Amber yet. The girls fight every night and it's comical to watch especially when Rainbow is done fighting, she just lays her arms across Bridget and watches the baby squirm. Like, haha, I'm bigger then you and I win!
I don't believe Amber's paws have touched the carpet since we brought her home - every kid in the house keeps carrying her around! They just love kitties!

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Anonymous said...

she's been asleep in parker's arms all nite!! both are out like lights!