Friday, November 5, 2010


Today is my sister Hannah's birthday. She is nine years old already! She's almost as tall as me,too!
Generally, she celebrates in her birthday in the summer for a couple different reasons. 1, everyone else has a July birthday (except for me, Benjamin and Andrew) and 2, that's when our grandparents visit. So she likes to have her party with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa usually takes them all out to lunch, buys them ice cream, then we go home and open their presents. They enjoy having their grandparents around for the party.
This year for her 9th birthday we baked a chocolate cake and made frosting - the first frosting I've ever made that didn't look like glaze! Then Mom decorated it with lollipops and smarties. 9 of each :) Parker has a friend sleeping over so it was a bit more of a party with a friend here.
I intend to make Hannah a pair of fingerless gloves but they're not meant for her birthday exactly, just because I owe her a pair since I made Bekah some. Hannah tells me she wants black, I'll have to see if I have enough black anywhere to do a pair in. Mostly, I like bright, bold or jewel colors in yarn, I don't have much black or brown or the like. We'll just have to see!
Happy Birthday, Miss Hannah!!

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