Saturday, October 9, 2010

Time for a Change

I like to blog, I really do. The problem is sometimes I don't want to talk about knitting. So, I've decided to change the blog a bit. I still will talk about knitting - it is why I started the blog after all - but I'm also going to include other things like book/tv/dvd reviews, my ramblings about the coolest names, giveaways (hopefully. Anyone wanna host one?), and maybe some reviews like the upcoming CSN review (No, I did not forget about that - it's coming later this week). Also, anything else I feel like talking about!
I hope my followers understand this move and still like to follow :) Thanks!

The least popular girls name: Zyriel, 5 of them!
The most popular : Isabella ,22067 of them last year!

The least popular boys name : Zyvion, 5 of them
Most popular : Jacob, 20858 of them last year!

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