Friday, August 27, 2010

Autumn Knits

I live in Texas. This means actual winter doesn't start until January but fall is already beginning - the leaves are starting to turn and fall and it drops into the 70s at night (yes, I know that isn't cold in the slightest but compared to the over 100 temps it's been, it is quite nice!). I grew up in Florida so it is fun to see fall and winter because in FL there is one season - summer. It does get cool there and occasionally even goes down to the 50s but usually it is not very cold.
One thing I have learned about living here, well, knitting! I learned to knit when I was thirteen, about twelve years ago, but it was an on/off kind of thing because knitted items are not really needed in FL. But here, I knit at least a dozen hats each winter, socks, fingerless gloves (storebought are two for 1.50, I can't make them that cheap but they're too short, so I layer them with the fingerless ones), scarves, a few sweaters and slippers. Nice warm things!! I get cold easily so I wear a lot of knitted items!
I thought I'd share some of my favorite autumn patterns. Inspiration for me to get up off my butt and knit them and inspiration for you because everyone needs new patterns :)
I get a lot of nice patterns from I don't usually make them because so many seem too complicated but I did make (almost finished!) an Annis shawl! I like this pattern called Falling Leaves. i think I'm going to use it for a Halloween knitalong my sock knitting group is doing. If I actually follow the pattern anyway - I have this tendency to just go off and do my own thing. One of these days, I'm going to submit a pattern to Knitpicks IDP program, hopefully. If I can ever write one down well enough for people to understand!
This Clapotis is super popular and can be altered to be made into a stole. Generally, I try to stay away from the super popular patterns but this one is really cute and I can see the potential of a scarf that can also double as a stole, keeps you extra warm that way!
This hat is perfect for fall, one, it's named Foliage and it'd look great worked in fall colors! Dig out those reds, oranges, yellows and browns!
I've been looking for a good sweater pattern for me lately. I've made four sweaters so far - two baby sweaters and two little girl sweaters. I think it is now time for make myself one! I particularly like this one called Mr Greenjeans. It's casual but not too casual, you could wear it running errands or out to dinner. It does have some basic cabling which I've never done but it claims it is simple! You could even, if you wear a medium, make it for just $16 if you buy Knitpicks Woold of the Andes! Wow, now that's a bargain - you can't even find a really nice wool sweater for that price!
This wrap is really pretty - Muir by Rosemary Hill. It's named for California Bay Laurel trees in Muir Woods in northern California. And what better symbol of fall then a tree?
I seem to have a thing for cabled sweaters because I also really love the sweater by Jennifer Lippman-Bruno. I particularly like it because it has longer sleeves that fall over the hands - not exactly practical but a feature I love anyway :)
This is a really trendy style - the peacoat! This is the Saity pattern with princess seams and peacoat styling. I don't know if I'd have the patience to knit this but it looks really nice!
I truly love the Victoria cardigan in Knitty First Fall 2010. It wouldn't be too terribly expensive to make if you used Knitpicks yarns, especially the Wool of the Andes. I really think I'm going to use that yarn in my first sweater and maybe I'll choose this pattern!
This would knit up super fast using super bulky yarn!The Jewels Cardigan is a cropped style so popular nowawdays. You could even probably knit it in a weekend. Hmm, people always say that and then it takes me like a month.....
This isn't a warm thing but it is real cute and in honor of my youngest brother's 2nd birthday this weekend I present the Bubby bear pattern. Cute isn't it?? Could also be made into a bunny if you prefer :)

What do you like to knit in the fall?

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