Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I want to knit socks. Who knows why, since I never actually finish a pair LOL I started a pair for myself six months ago, finished one sock and the other is about 1 inch long. Part of it is that I hate ribbing, especially in the round. And quite possibly the other problem with socks is that they take a while, with tiny needles (I have KnitPicks Harmony in size 2, love'em when I actually bother to use them) and thin yarn.
Most of the time, I like thicker needles, my faves are 15s, and chunky yarn. I like to make hats :) Altho, at the moment, I'm working on a shawl with size 11s and heavy worsted yarn. Also a baby sweater on 9s.
BUT I WANT TO MAKE SOCKS! The hardest part at the moment is that A, I only have 2s, and B, the sock yarn I have, I won it :) Then I found out that Numma Numma yarn is kinda expensive so I want to use it for a special pattern. This is easier said then done.
However, most of the time I don't really use patterns. I like to use them as suggestions, then go off and do my own thing. Add a new stitch here, make that shorter/longer, omit this or that, etc. This would be why I've ended up with quite a few UFOs in my box! That and I really don't have the patience to finish them.
So, I never finish socks because I've already done one, I hate having to do the same thing all over again. I'd like to learn how to do two at a time but I don't have the needles for it. Apparently, it is possible to knit one inside the other on DPNs but it looks really complicated soo, until I've got some money for new needles, it's gonna be one at a time on DPNs. Maybe I'll learn toe up....
Any suggestions for a sock pattern? The yarn is a bright kettle dyed lime green!


Anonymous said...

you know i understand only every other word of knitting speak right? i understood socks but that;s it :)


LizzieK8 said...

Socks can be made with every size yarn and needles. Come over to Ravelry, I Can Knit Socks group and we'll fix you right up!

Once you learn HOW then you'll feel confident using the special yarn and smaller needles.