Friday, March 12, 2010

Magic Loop and slight changes

If you want to learn a new knitting technique, you have got to check out the KnitPicks tutorials. They are very informative and some even have videos for you who learn best by visual learning. I learned the Magic Loop technique very easily thru their instructions and have been making a set of fingerless gloves for a knit a long over at Ravelry.
As for the slight changes, I'm going to be doing reviews here, not necessarily craft related but reviews and possibly giveaways,too. First up is a review from They're a really cool site that is connected to over 200 stores! Right now they are excited about their kids bedding. There is lots to choose from such as the Kayla collection, with its sweet pastels, and sports bedding such as the Detroit Red Wings collection. There is bedding for every age, from nursery to teen!
I'm also going to be switching my book reviews from Livejournal over here because quite frankly no one ever goes to my Livejournal including me because I just can't do anything there. I can't do buttons or HTML or much of anything so I'm moving the reviews here instead.
For those of you who read this blog for crafts, don't worry, still gonna be blogging about that! Still love knitting!

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