Friday, November 6, 2009

ArtFire Shop

Well, I officially now have an ArtFire shop. Never heard of ArtFire? Neither had I until recently! It's a lot like Etsy only you don't need a credit card and it is free to use unless you want to post more then 12 items at a time. Obviously, if you pay the 4.95 a month there are more features then if you have a free basic account like me but either way, still a good deal. Unlike Etsy and Ebay they do not charge by the listing or take a percentage of the sale. Sounds pretty good to me! Hopefully I will be able to make some money this way, as I have some big huge news to share!
Totally off topic here but I have to share this! I WON A TRIP TO NEW YORK CITY!!! I get to go to the Rachael Ray show and stay in a fancy hotel in Manhattan!!
Unfortunely they will not be buying any of the stuff one must buy on one's first trip to NYC. Like a tacky NYC shirt :) So I must earn some money to buy one (Among other things anyway)!

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Jane said...

How neat is that! Yes, you'll need a little extra money for goodies and food!