Sunday, November 21, 2010


I had nearly forgotten about reviewing the totally awesome Yum-O! Bakeware 5-Piece Bakeware Set I received from CSN's

I received it about a month or so ago, but luckily they sent a reminder so here is my review:

This is the BEST bakeset you will ever buy. It is totally worth the $49.99 price tag in my opinion!
It's durable, but not too heavy and has really nice orange grippers on the sides so it is easy to handle. It's very easy to clean as it is non stick and boy, do they ever mean it when they say non stick - NOTHING sticks to it! Not brownies, not cornbread, not chicken, nothing! It cools quickly, which is important when you are baking with little ones.
This set would make a fantastic Christmas present for any baker in your life. I have used every pan in the set for numerous baked foods including brownies, chicken, cornbread, cake, potatoes, cookies etc. It doesn't burn the foods - unless the timer has gone off and no one has bothered to tell you :) - and I have yet to find something that sticks to it! It is recommended you do not soak these pans, they are dishwasher safe but you cannot use those little detergent tabs on them, the tabs will scratch off the finish.
I use these pans all the time and just love them for everything! If you'd like a set and you know you do, click here to order!

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queen of everything said...

great review. i'm always in the market for good bakeware. thanks, found you through ravelry odd ducks btw