Thursday, November 11, 2010

fanfiction ramblings

I've been trying to write a NCIS LA fanfic for the past couple weeks. I had a really good beginning and several pages written and then my brother had to go and borrow my notebook. He lost it of course. The consequent rewrites just haven't been the same. Maybe I should just try another fanfic or something. I had a pretty good storyline - I hadn't seen this one before. Well, actually, no, someone recently put up a similar one but mine is way better. For one thing, I can spell, use proper grammar and I actually know how to write. Sometimes people really really shouldn't write! I never tell them that though unless they make some kind of gigantic mistake concerning the characters. G's name is just that, G, he has no actual name! And yes, it ought to be capitalized. Seriously, doesn't anyone pay attention anymore? If you are going to write a fanfiction based on a tv show, at least get the spellings of the names right! I can't tell you how many people spell Kenzi wrong. Yes, there are several different spellings, that's true but only one in the case is correct! People annoy me.....

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