Sunday, August 1, 2010

Christmas Ideas

Yes, it is already time to start thinking about Christmas presents! Or at least, it is if you make a lot of them as I do :)
Here are some ideas for you:
Argyle iPod Jumper / Cozy This is an adorable "sweater" for an ipod/mp3 player! Could also probably work as a camera case if made a bit bigger or even a cell phone case.
If you've got a bit of time and patience or just like mindless knitting for watch tv (and who doesn't!) what about a Garter Ridge Shawl? Any yarn and needles will do, gauge doesn't even matter too much. If it's too big, you can always say it was meant to be the world's first triangle blanket LOL
Do you have someone you want to make something really special for? What about handknit socks? These Tickled Pink Socks aren't too difficult but do have cables and ribbing to make them just a little more special.
Maybe you've got a guy who is hard to knit for. Aren't most guys? This Hat Fit for a Boyfriend is great for guys! It's a simple fitted ribbed hat and looks really nice. It'd actually work for a girl,too, if you need a hat for a girl!
My sisters are clambering for fingerless gloves and I just love this pattern called Frothy Gothy wristwarmers. They're basically just garter stitch but they've got a frilly edge over the back of the hand that really adds something to the pattern.
Are you or maybe someone you know a fan of Debbie Macomber's Blossom Street novels? I love them myself! Here is Alix's Prayer Shawl you can make for that person. Like the Garter Ridge Shawl you can use any needles and yarn you like and can be made to any size you want.
Do you have a baby? Those big flowered headbands are all the rage now - every baby girl needs one! The "Spring" Baby Headband is really easy and you have a choice of a knit or crochet flower. Or you could just buy one but that kind of defeats the whole making the present yourself thing.
I think these Maidenhair socks are quite special and if you've a bit of time (and you do, it's 4 months away after all), they'd make a very lovely present to someone important to you.

Well, that's quite a few ideas to get you started. Got any others that I didn't list, let me know!


Anonymous said...

maybe a table scarf? with matching "doilies"?

SockPixie said...

I can't believe it is time to think about Christmas already! Great suggestions.

SusanB-knits said...

I love making fingerless mitts for presents. They work up quickly. Usually I have a scarf or two on the needles for a Christmas present. Most of my relatives live up north and appreciate a warm scarf. I love knitting socks and try to fill my sock drawer but it has been a losing battle because they make great gifts. (my girls love them and keep taking them!) I plan on learning how to make a pi shawl and I understand they can be made very small, like doily size. So I may make a few doilies this year.

ArtSnark said...

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Ai Mei said...

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pip said...

great post... lots of good ideas :)

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