Sunday, June 6, 2010

What I've been up to

You know, I write really great blog posts. I do, I really do. The problem is that I have a habit of writing them in my head and then by the time I get to the computer I have a million other things to do. So, I forget to actually write them. The main problem with that is that, well, no one can read them in my head!
In the meantime, I've been knitting socks. I made a plain vanilla pair out of 100purewool's Granada colorway - greens and yellow. Now I have two more pairs on the needles. Pineapple socks made out of Numma Numma's The Regular in Organic Greens. Very nice yarn and expensive I found out - I won mine in a lovely giveaway :) These are on hold indefinitely until I can get another set of Harmonys as I dropped my needle thru the floorboards of the Dairy Queen playground :( On the bright side, I found my brother's missing schoolbook and my reward will be another set of Harmonys. YAY ME!
I'm also using KnitPicks Stroll Multi in Meadow to Magic Loop socks. Magic loop is a new method for me but WOW is it so much faster then DPNs. I got my needle and yarn last Friday and am already almost done with the first sock! The pattern is of my own making, basically just ribbing and stockinette but a bit fancier then a plain vanilla sock. They're knit cuff down unlike the Pineapple socks.
I like toe up but since Magic Loop is new to me I thought I'd stick to what I knew best for a new method. Socks are like my new favorite project!
I also bought some lace yarn. Shadow Tonal in Golden Glow - don't be mislead by the pic on Knitpicks site, this yarn is not actually that bright and is more of a honey or marigold yellow. Still a really nice yarn tho! I am trying to design a shawl for it, just because I like to make up my own patterns :)

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Leslie said...

Socks are my go to project. Knitting kilt hose right now. Your colours are fabulous.