Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Doll Clothes

wow, the giveaway certainly is getting a lot of entries! it's at 127 as i type this! thank you everybody, and remember you have til the 31st at midnite to enter. i'll probably email the winner sunday.
well, my sister hannah's birthday is next week. she'll be EIGHT, i can't believe it! she is a tomboy but loves her stuffed animals and baby dolls, all of which are boys. i had thought of knitting her up some doll clothes for her birthday but have you ever tried to find a knitting pattern for a boy baby doll outfit??? it isn't easy, let me tell you! i have found a few though for those who are interested.
1. Cabbage Patch Raglan Sweater this is a very nice sweater meant for cabbage patch kids but could be made for any doll, just check your gauge and maybe use different needles and heavier or lighter yarn depending on what size you want.

2. 11" Baby Doll Onesie this is really cute altho i don't crochet very well, i do good to make a straight square! but maybe you crochet and could make this for a little girl in your life.

3. Knit/Doll Clothes okay, this one really doesn't have any boy doll clothes but i LOVE these patterns. they're all for american girl dolls or barbies and so so pretty.

well, i guess that is all for now! maybe i can find some more patterns if anyone is interested? let me know if you have any nice baby doll clothes patterns!

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Peggy said...

There are lots of fun doll clothes patterns and projects for American Girl and other 18 inch dolls on http://DollClothesPatterns.net/ You can also get doll sized mini-money to print out at home.