Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pink Purse Photos and Pattern

This is a purse I made. It's done out of Joann Sensations something (it's furry and a lot like Lion Brand's Fun Fur except it has beads.) and Lion Brand Homespun. The strap is Icord and quite sturdy. Here's an upclose picture of the furry texture:

It was a simple knit, I believe I did it on US size 11s or maybe 10.5s, but I know it was a bigger needle which is my preference for just about every project. Goes without saying I've never finished socks :) All the pattern is stockinette stitch, I think it was 25 stitches, and just kept going with the fur til I ran out and then switched to Homespun. I did decrease the flap into a triangle simply because I thought it would look better but it would look fine with a square flap,too.

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